The Friendly Toast

On the annual drive up to Maine I always have to stop at The Friendly Toast.

It’s a funky breakfast joint in Portsmouth, NH.

the friendly toast

And it has a bit of a whimsical flair everywhere you look. the friendly toast

the friendly toast

the friendly toast

Dolls, dogs and knick knacks are placed throughout the restaurant. It’s such an odd assortment you can’t even figure out what you will see next. the friendly toast

the friendly toast

the friendly toast

And who wouldn’t enjoy some life-size nutcrackers? I tried cracking them, I don’t think they were too happy about it. the friendly toast

the friendly toast

I ordered a fresh-squeezed lemonade and it was just enough bitter for my enjoyment. the friendly toast

Their different types of homemade bread are kind of the bomb diggity. They have cheddar jalapeño, anadama, wheat, all different!  I’ve tried just about all of them and each are absolutely delicious.the friendly toast

Instead of just chowing down on bread I ordered the Drunkard’s French Toast topped with creamy Grand Marnier and raspberry sauce. the friendly toast

I also had to steal some of my mother’s Carribean Waffle with pecans and caramelized bananas. the friendly toast



the friendly toast

the friendly toastIf you fancy some yummy breakfast, you can find the website here: The Friendly Toast.



Portsmouth, NH

When you think of NH one of the first thing that comes to my mind is hippie towns. Well, at least Portsmouth is but I loved it. It’s a great town to go walk around in for the day (spending your money at all the expensive stores they have to choose from) and it’s actually a lot bigger than you may think. There are tons of stuff to do, especially at night between the bars and clubs with live music and the restaurants are awesome. While you’re there you can always do the regular family vacation thing by looking at the Strawbery Banke Museum or the flower fields planted every summer but there’s a ton of other fun stuff to do while you’re there (and not so boring).

If you’re looking for a beach head over to the Hampton Beach. It’s one of the nicest beaches around and its raked every day to get all that gross stuff out of the sand. Less sea shells but you’ll still be able to find them. Just remember, you’re in New England the water is pretty much always cold but this one is a little warmer than most!


 If you’re looking for Willy Wonka’s world, you’ve almost found him. One of the best breakfast places I’ve been to is the Friendly Toast down in Portsmouth. The waiters are awesome and there’s unusual things in there from life-sized nutcrackers to poodle lights. It’s a fun place to eat and delicious. Their homemade bread…oh so good (go for the cheddar jalapeno).



 If you’re looking for somewhere to find good seafood here’s the place. It’s decorated in modern retro and they have any fish you can think of. The oysters on the half shell are so good and there’s 4 different kinds to choose from. The fish ranges from shark to tuna to shrimp scampi and every dish has its own twist. The desert wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but still gets a thumbs up.


There’s tons of other places to try, if you’re looking for a good coffee head over to Breaking New Grounds. The people are very friendly there in Portsmouth and it’s very safe, great for going out to live music and clubs. If you want to go on a scenic boat ride try for a sunset cruise, it’s about the best time and the prettiest time to go. There’s also a touch tank down in the Harbor that you can go to look at for free. Also, while you’re down there look around at the street art on walls displaying local artists with portraits of sharks to large mouths with legs. It’s a sight to see.