Where the Ten Gallon Hats and Cowboy Boots Are, Texas It Is

When life gives you flights…head over to Austin, Texas. This weekend looked like a rainy one and with many flight delays on Friday I was sure we weren’t getting out of NYC on Saturday morning. As I woke up to sunny skies on Saturday, I clicked my heels and headed off to the airport.

We landed in the hot and sunny Austin, Texas and hopped off the plane for a day trip. The temperature was rising to 108 on Saturday so we headed off to a place many of the locals recommended, Barton Springs. Barton Springs is a natural spring located in Zilker Park, Austin. It is enclosed by a manmade area that you can either say looks like a pool or a rocky pond. Either way, it was a great place to take a refreshing dip from the hot day.

After the springs, we stopped off to quench our thirst at Juiceland, a very eclectic juice bar on the side of the road. I walked into the small store and stared a board of about 100 different concoctions made at the Juiceland, how could you even make up your mind? I wasn’t up for trying the hemp but I did enjoy a delicious fruit juice with fresh squeezed fruit that made my taste buds water. With all the fresh, organic juices to choose from I just wanted to stay and try them all. I have to say, it was better than ice-cream and who doesn’t love that?!

After working up an appetite we headed over to Trudy’s for some amazing mexican food. We were told about their stuffed avocados and ordered their mini appetizer…well the appetizer wasn’t enough. Two of us ended up ordering their stuffed avocado meal and it was a great decision. The avocados are stuffed with spiced chicken and cheese and cooked to perfection and then coated in more cheese. While you’re there, quench your thirst with a Mexican martini. I’d have to say it’s much better than any margaritas I’ve tried.

It was getting late so we headed back to 6th street, the historic district of Austin filled with many restaurants and bars. It’s a great place to walk along and grab a bite to eat or put your dancing shoes on at night. Now, I can tell you all of the places we decided to visit on Saturday night on the street but honestly, 6th street has something for everyone. From restaurants to bars and dance clubs, it’s the place to be in Austin and great for listening to some live music.

After a fun night, it was hard to leave Austin without having the time to explore more of the city. Austin is a place filled with a tons of culture and a lot of fun. But, we weren’t heading back without filling our stomachs with some more authentic mexican food before we hopped on the plane and headed home. Well…we found the right place. Walking into Joe’s Bakery we were engrossed in the delicious smells of the mexican bakery and the tantalizing food in front of us. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros and scooped up a large bite onto my fork tasting a most amazing breakfast. Along with the great food, the restaurant was filled with history. There was even a letter from the State of Texas House of Representatives on the first owner of Joe’s and purple hearts. It was very interesting reading the history we sat beside and enjoying the food. A great end to our Texas vacation.