A Flight Cancellation and a Great Vacation (Salt Lake City, Utah)

On one of my first trips for work I ended up flying to Utah. I never would have thought of Utah as a premiere destination but I hopped on the plane and headed out for Salt Lake City on a red-eye (my first red-eye experience) for a brand awareness event. Now, what’s a red-eye you may ask? A red-eye flight is a flight that departs late at night or early in the morning. Well, I now know why they call these flights “red eyes”. I have a very hard time sleeping on planes so as I wiggled around trying about a billion and one sleep positions until I decided to lower my tray, rest my pillow on top, hunch over and fall asleep…along with the rest of my body after I woke up and probably some red eyes to go along with it. I do not recommend this position for any red-eye flyers who may be reading this…

I reached my hotel around 2am in the morning and slumped my body into bed. The next day I woke up (a little groggy) and headed outside to the sight of beautiful, vast mountains. Salt Lake City was truly a sight to see. I was also very happy with the dry heat which I have never gotten to experience in New England. Let me just say I dislike humidity much more now. I got to Salt Lake on a Friday and unfortunately had to head straight to work so I was unable to explore the city. As I was getting ready for my next red-eye experience that night I found out that a roaring wildfire had canceled my flight for the night. This flight cancellation, although upsetting at first, turned into a very good thing.

The next day I jumped out of bed and headed into the city to explore what Utah had to offer. The first I learned was if you’re looking to crash a wedding this is the place….I saw about 3 people in wedding gowns running around the city in my first ten minutes there. Although the city is a lot smaller than the big apple that I’m used to, it has a ton of stuff to offer from great restaurants to animal filled zoos. I definitely recommend going to see magnificent Temple Square and the Olympics venue (I heard there’s a pretty cool zip line there). Temple Square consists of absolutely beautiful architecture with a backdrop of mountains you just can’t wait to hike. I really wish I had more time than an extra day to explore the exhilarating mountain trails but unfortunately I did not. So as I went on my merry way through the city I discovered the Utah Arts Festival was going on.

You know it’s summer when you happen upon an arts festival and this is Utah’s biggest event. The arts festival is the largest multi-disciplined event in Utah and it just happened to be going on the weekend I was there…how lucky am I, right? The festival stretched through Library Block and Washington Square. I was in awe of all of the concerts, performers and artists that were there. Salt Lake has definitely found what works and an art festival it is. Although most of the art was a little too expensive for my intern salary, it was still a great place to go and look around. I vastly enjoyed browsing through the hanging art from tent to tent and the vocally talented artists (except there was one guy that just screamed as his show, I guess that’s art?…) I walked through whimsical sculptures, happened upon flying gymnasts and when the temperature rose to 100, I headed over to the shaded stage to listen to some really great jazz singers called The Orbit Group (https://www.facebook.com/theorbitgroup). My flight cancellation turned into a great mini vacation. Sometimes, the small mishaps that happen can turn into some very great experiences and Salt Lake was definitely one of them.