Lemonade LA

I’m a huge lemonade fan. If it’s tart and sour you’ve won me over.

Luckily, I knew of the mother of all lemonade places: Lemonade. Difficult name, right?

Oh, and they have sunflowers so that gave them extra brownie points in my book.

I guess you could describe their food as Southern comfort with a modern twist.

DSC00616Lemonade is one of the rare places that is delicious and affordable…and actually pretty healthy. Foodies rejoice!


Lemonade is set up like a cute cafeteria. You can pick as many items as your heart desires to put on your plate. The prices are based off of the amount of proportions you choose and each portion is about $2.50. Not bad, not bad at all.

Oh and a little secret? You can do half portions so…for say 3 portions, you can try 6 items.


I ordered their passionfruit pepper lemonade and my lips puckered immediately. If a lemonade can make me pucker my lips, it gets a gold star.

The blood orange lemonade was also good, sweet and flowing of juices.DSC00615

Sharing plates is a great idea because the portions are actually pretty big and then you get to try even more (more to try! that’s usually how my mind works).


Portions from left to right:

Pineapple chicken, green beans, coconut, apple jerk dressing

New Mexican chili roasted butternut squash, white corn

Soba noodle, kimchi marinated vegetables, toasted peanuts

Brussels sprouts, red flame grapes, pistachio, parmesan

It was a bit of a mix of diverse dishes but each dish was full of flavor and the ingredients mingled perfectly together.


And of course when you’re going down the line…you notice the desserts. I had to get their lemonade cake. It was worth the bit of indulgence. DSC00618Lemonade has a ton of different locations around LA. This one was in Venice located at 1661 Abbot Kinney Boulevard. It’s a great place to grab a quick on-the-go meal and of course, a refreshing lemonade on a hot California day.

Pucker up!



Juicebox Truck LA

Juicebox is LA’s first mobile juice company.

They’ve been serving all over LA from the Rose Bowl to the Voice season finale.

I stepped in line and couldn’t wait to get my juice squeezed. (HA) jk.
photo 1

They have a bunch of different mixes. Their mixes include totally interesting flavor combinations and when they’re put together become a delicious, refreshing juice. photo 2

Jon got the beach box. photo 3

I ordered their special called the basil box over on Abbot Kinney. It includes basil, cucumber, apple & lime juice. I loved it, it was tart and flavorful. My favorite.photo 4

The only thing that could make it better? If it came in an actual juice box. I just think that would be pretty awesome. If you’re reading this Juicebox, take note.

You can load up on enzymes and their vibrant juices almost any day of the week. Find their location of the day here.

Happy Sipping!