Breaking New Grounds

Well if the name doesn’t say it all, I enjoy a bit of caffeine.

As I mentioned before, my long-time friend Mairead surprised me for a visit on my trip.

What goes best with catching up and gossip?


One of my FAVORITE coffee places is in Ogunquit called Breaking New Grounds.



breaking new grounds

breaking new grounds

They have a ton of different flavored coffees and teas. The coffees are aromatic and full-flavored. breaking new grounds

And if you’re craving a sweet treat you can pop in to get one of their delightful muffins, gelato or cookies. breaking new grounds

breaking new grounds

breaking new grounds

I sipped happily on my cinnamon bun coffee but they’ll make just about anything your heart desires.breaking new grounds

And if you can’t get enough, you can take it home with you. breaking new grounds -acaffeinatedbrunette.comThey don’t have a website but you can find them on Twitter. Breaking New Grounds is right at the end of Perkin’s Cove and they have an absolutely breathtaking view overlooking the ocean. With the ocean and coffee, you can’t go wrong.



Black Gold Records (and coffee shop)

“Tia, do you want to go to a coffee shop?”

-“Eh. We just ate.”

“It’s also a record store.”


That quickly sold me. A record store that sold coffee?

Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

Black Gold Records is a funky record, coffee, and antique shop located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

As you walk in, you hear the sounds of soft rock and warm crackles of vinyl playing on the turntable.

Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

Black Gold Records is a great place to stop in and fuel-up on caffeine while sifting through a few vinyls.Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

They also have a ton of obscure gems scattered around the little shop. Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

You can also grab some of their freshly grinded Rook coffee beans for home.
Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

The menu is pretty short but the coffee and tea are great. I ordered their Black Iced Tea.Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunette

I placed myself by the window with my drink and watched as people perused through records enjoying the music. Black Gold Records Brooklyn -a caffeinated brunetteIf you end up in Carroll Gardens, Black Gold Records is a perfect stop for a refreshment and some music. Like me, you’ll probably end up heading out happily caffeinated with some sort of knick-knack to add to your collection.


And the countdown begins…

 Happy May everyone and what a perfect day to rain…did April forget its month is supposed to shower so I can wake up to beautiful flowers and sun on a May morning? I guess it’s fitting for the last 9 days of school, more reason to stay inside and study. My caffeine levels are high and my sleep at a low but soon I will be able to step onto a beautiful beach and not have a care in the world…until next semester at least. I found this picture on pinterest last night as we were counting down the seconds to hand in our Powerpoint for this morning at its midnight deadline (when I say seconds I mean on the dot exactly, talk about stress). I thought it was very fitting for the next few days and any day. Of course it’s about a cup of tea so I couldn’t resist posting it to my blog but life really is how you make it so look at the positives and make it good and tasty of course 🙂